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Selling your games

Are you looking for selling your old games and videoconsoles?

You are at the right place, we buy videogames systems from 70s to 2000s. Please send me an email or whatsapp with pictures and details about what are you selling. We will answer usually before 24h.

07474924489 Javier


Repair Services

We offer some repair services for your beloved videoconsoles and games. You only have to ask us and send your item to Norwich.

Postage returns include on prices, repair service only offered to UK customers.

Recapping Sega Game Gear           £30

Its your Game Gear showing a dark picture or low sound?

Thats a common fault on this system becaus faulty capacitors, we will replace them easily.

If you would like add a new glass screen or back battery covers, would be £5 extra.

Yellowed GameBoy grey classic    £25

Your lovely original GameBoy from 1989 becomes yellow?

We can apply a shell restoration for recover the original colour, we can change also the front glass for free.

Vertical lines on GameBoy             £20

Remove these nasties lines on your gameboy, only vertical. we can change also the front glass for free.

Yellowed and lines on gameBoy    £25

Double service, we can change also the front glass for free.

Yellowed Super Nintendo Snes     £25

CD, DVD, Blue Ray scratched         £12

Polished service.

These are some of the most common problems in old consoles, please feel free to ask about other problems.

07474924489 Javier (Whatsapp & SMS)

For a Quote or for Any Other Questions, Get in Touch

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Javier Laiglesia

16 Bobbin Road

NR3 2AS Norwich

United kingdom

07474924489 Call, SMS or Whatsapp

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